Payroll Quote Help File

First of all Hilfort Team want's to thank you for your interest in our services. This document and the Quote page apply to our Payroll services. For other services we offer please try this link. If this page is not properly working or something is unclear or incorrect, please let us know using our contact form.

This webpage has been created so you don't have to contact us for every quote request and have an accurate estimated income based on your requirements. Almost every situation can be simulated. If there are details which can't be filled in you can click on the first (All-in) column of the result row you want receive a more detailed quote for and we will present you with an exact copy of our payslip, so there are no suprises if you become our employee. Our competitors vary your Gross salary based on the amount of hours worked and unexpected expenses incurred. We don't, because we present you with the exact calculation based on your specific situation.

Please be aware that we have to pay at least the minimum wage and in case of the 30% ruling the applicable minimum wage tax wage to be able to apply this tax benefit. We can process your Lease car, net expenses, commuter and other salary components which are not included on this page. For most situations the criteria below are sufficient. Please find a short explanation of the present filters below.

Mandatory fields (6):

1. E-mail:
We store your address to be able to follow up on a regular basis or in case of a quote request and also to prevent abuse of our list. It's available for everybody as a free service without having to login.

2. Hours:
Hours per month expected to be worked.

3. Pens%:
With a BSN number we can check if Stipp pension applies. It should be if someone has worked before via a Dutch Payroll company.
These are the applicable contributions unless there has been a break (length depends on contribution)

0 to 6- Months -> 0%
6+ to 18 Months -> 2.6%
18+ Months -> 12% (of which 4% employer)

4. Pension age:
If 65+ years old select YES

5. 30% ruling:
If you are not Dutch and have been living more than 150 km from the Dutch border during the past 2 years prior to your assignment in the Netherlands you could very well be entitled to the first 30% of your income free of income taxes.

6. Pre-financing:
Payment on receipt of approved timesheets in stead of payment on receipt of funds (+30 days).

Rate selectors (5):

(Either All-in, Net or Gross salary need to be filled.)

7. AI rate (per hour):
All inclusive invoice rate from Hilfort to recruitement agency.

8. Salary Gross>=:
Gross salary exceeding this value.

9. Salary Gross<=:
Gross salary less than this value.

10. Salary Net>=:
Net salary exceeding this value.

11. Salary Net<=:
Net salary less than this value.

Quote fields (5):

(Most fields in this section are filled by clicking the first column of the result table.
The more fields are filled the more accurate your quote will represent the contractor situation.
The quote request to be sent to Hilfort where our experts will calculate and evaluate.)

12. Home to work distance in KM:
Quantity per day. Will be reimbursed @ 0.19 per KM

13. Amount of net expenses:
Amount per day which will be net reimbursed by the end client and / or the recruitment agency.

14. Loonheffing:
If you have had multiple employers in one year you are only allowed to apply "loonheffingskorting" at one of your employers. Please choose YES if you want Hilfort to apply this discount.

15. Language:
Depending on the nationality of your contractor you can either select Dutch or English.

16. General comment:
Any usefull background information which might be help full for Hilfort to evaluate the situation can be added here.