Looking for Payroll, Umbrella, Employer of record, Expat or Consultancy services when it comes to employing people in the Netherlands? Feel free to contact us. Hilfort is here for you!

Compliance - For companies and people looking for security

How we comply in short

  • NBBU membership

  • NEN 4400-1 certification

  • Twice Annual audits by an independent auditing company

  • SNA registration

  • G-Account locked and only to be used for transfer of taxes to the Dutch Fiscal Authorities

We take care of changing rules and regulations

Competent financial and labour law management is essential, as the Dutch government is placing great emphasis on local compliant working methods. As the Dutch government keeps making major and minor changes on a regular basis, we stay up to date, together with a team of lawyers specialized in different areas.

To accomplish compliance we are audited twice a year by independent auditors to make sure we meet the NEN requirements and maintain our SNA certification. Because of this registration we can offer a partial payment of 25% of the invoice into the G-account to protect you from chain liability.

For every service we offer

For our Payroll service we follow the Dutch Labour Law in combination with the collective labour agreement (CLA) of the end client as specified in WAB law. We evaluate the working conditions at the end client for you, so you don't have to read through CLA and related documents.

For our Back office service, we make sure we are constantly informed and up to date about the Dutch secondment rules and regulations. This is why Hilfort is still a member of the Dutch Association of Intermediary Organisations and Temporary Employment Agencies (NBBU).

For our Expat services we make sure we follow Dutch Migration law closely, stay informed about changes like Brexit, other EU / Non-EU related matters and it's consequences for your specific situation. Additionally we keep a close eye on your income to make sure you meet the criteria of the IND and 30% ruling.

Contact and social details

Phone: +31337115571 (1 admin / 2 other)
C of C( KvK) number: 57396531
VAT (BTW) number : 852562391