Looking for Payroll, Umbrella, Employer of record, Expat or Consultancy services when it comes to employing people in the Netherlands? Feel free to contact us. Hilfort is here for you!

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Expat services - Welcome to the netherlands

Expat Services - For expats and companies looking to, or already employing migrants

Hilfort has many years of experience dealing with Expat related matters when they come to the Netherlands for work purposes. We are here to help you!

Hilfort can take care of:

  • VISA applications

  • VISA extensions

  • VISA changes

  • Family migration

  • 30% ruling applications (tax benefit)

  • BSN appointments (social security number)

Expat services - Explained for expats

If you are an Expat and already in the Netherlands, but you require assistance to bring your dependents, Hilfort can help and will guide you through the process.

If you are an Expat and haven not arrived yet, we will help you to arrange everything and make sure you feel at home from the moment your plane has landed. You can find some useful links here to get you prepared.

Application of documents and appointments mentioned above will all be taken care of by our dedicated customer service team. After you provide us with all necessary documents we will make sure you can start working on time.

Expat services - Explained for companies (NO referent)

If your company is not registered as a recognized sponsor you can use our payroll or back office services to employ people from other countries as described in the previous section. Feel free to give us a call or check our payroll salaries online to see what costs are involved. Visa application costs are invoiced separately and depend on your specific situation.

Alternatively, you can make use of our consultancy services whereby Hilfort will help you to become recognized sponsor for visa purposes with the Dutch Immigration Services (IND).

Expat services - Explained for companies (referent)

If your company is registered as a recognized sponsor you can outsource all expat services to Hilfort by giving Hilfort a power of attorney. We will then take care of the entire application process for new and existing employees. Hilfort has immediate access to all applications via a digital portal with the IND.

We are the fastest and most reliable company in the market. We strive to reply with a useful and correct answer within 2 working days. Feel free to contact us so we can walk you through our processes and send you a specification of our consultancy service fees.

Contact and social details

Phone: +31337115571 (1 admin / 2 other)
C of C( KvK) number: 57396531
VAT (BTW) number : 852562391