Looking for Payroll, Umbrella, Employer of record, Expat or Consultancy services when it comes to employing people in the Netherlands? Feel free to contact us. Hilfort is here for you!

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Payroll - For recruiters, companies and people worldwide

Payroll - Explained for companies

If your company doesn't want to have the liability of legally employing people or simply can’t, then Payroll is perfect for your company. If you are just looking to outsource your administrative processes, our outsourced Payroll Back office service might be a suitable solution.

  • Hilfort offers a full compliant employment of record service for companies that don’t have an establishment, but do want to employ people in the Netherlands

  • Perfect to try new employees, whereby an employee is being offered first a fixed term contract via Hilfort before becoming a permanent employee of your company

  • Perfect for companies that are not a recognized sponsor with the Dutch Immigration Office (IND), whereby sponsorship of visa is required for a new employee

  • Flexibility in type and number of contracts. Under the Dutch Civil Code, Hilfort can offer a maximum of 3 contracts or project agreements for a definite period with a total maximum term of 3 years. After this period, permanent employment is possible (situation-dependent)

With us, your company will receive:

  • 1 framework agreement, with an individual placement schedule per employee

  • 1 invoice per month per employee

  • protection from “Chain Liability” when paying part of the invoice into our G-account

  • “peace of mind” as everything is taken care of by Hilfort

Payroll - Explained for people looking for payroll

Companies worldwide are constantly looking to hire new people. Often they use external recruiters to outsource this process to be able to focus on their own business. Recruiters outsource their payroll needs to us for the same reason, as we are specialized in Dutch Labour Law and the entire payroll process. Below you can find the most important components of that process.


  • becomes your legal employer in the Netherlands while you perform the work on behalf of the company (end customer)

  • will take care of all employer related responsibilities, for example payment of taxes, social securities, pension and of course your salary. This allows you to fully focus on your work without having to worry about anything

  • will also take care of sponsorship of residence permit requirements, 30% ruling applications and if required a lease car

  • can legally offer a maximum of 3 fixed term contracts or project agreements with a total maximum duration of 3 years after which permanent employment is a possibility (situation dependent)

With us you will have:

  • a payroll simulation showing all pay slip components based on your hourly / daily / monthly rate, specifically tailored to reflect your personal circumstances (see also salary indication tool)

  • an employment contract and a (project) schedule for each contract period

  • monthly payments, 1 month after handing in your approved timesheet (optional fast payment as an advance)

  • monthly pay slips which are all processed in one batch

  • personalised service, with short lines of communication and quick response time in regards to any questions related to your payroll administration and contract in the Netherlands (see testimonials)

Contact and social details

Phone: +31337115571 (1 admin / 2 other)
C of C( KvK) number: 57396531
VAT (BTW) number : 852562391