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Back office - For companies looking for more flexibility

Back office - Why not Payroll?

If your company still wants to make use of the flexibility of the NBBU CLA for secondment companies, does't want to follow the CLA of the end client in full and doesn’t want to pay for adequate pension, back office might be it, if you are looking....

  • for more flexibility compared to Payroll

  • to reduce cost and improve your margins

  • for a party that takes care of everything on your behalf (very similar to Payroll)

Back office - Explained

Since the 1st of January 2020 new law WAB changed the equal playing field between secondment and payroll companies. Payroll companies, according to this law, do not contribute to the matching process between a candidate and the end client (the so called “allocation function”), have no contract with the end client and therefore are treated differently.


Payment obligation


Legal Employer

3 contracts in 3 years

For the duration of the contract / project

Adequate at least 14.5%.


Back office

Multiple contracts for 5.5 years

NO first 1.5 years. YES next 4 years / 6 contracts

Stipp 0.5 yr 0% / 1 yr 2.6% / after 12%

Recruiter / Company

Hilfort will take on all administrative duties like with our own payroll solution and will guide you through the process of becoming the legal employer. All documents will be provided with your own branding including an online platform in which you and your candidates can access all information required.

For more information, please contact us so we can offer your company a tailored solution as every company has different needs and a different setup. We need to know what is important for you to make sure we can give you the best service possible.

Contact and social details

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